Lipidor is looking for partners interested in the many opportunities AKVANO technology offers, and is currently establishing licensing arrangements in pharmaceuticals, consumer skin care and animal health.

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Pharmaceutical products for topical administration

  • Reformulation of existing topical products  (life cycle management or generics)
  • Formulation of NCEs
  • An AKVANO/calcipotriol product for treatment of psoriasis with a Clinical Phase III study to be conducted in 2017.

Consumer Skin Care products

  • Innovative skin and wound care, cosmetics and disinfection
  • Classification as medical devices, biocides and cosmetics
  • Non-touch functionality

Animal Health products

  • Skin and wound care products

Partners to Lipidor are Cerbios-Pharma who specializes in the development and manufacturing of chemical and biological APIs, and Aurena Laboratories AB which is a leading contract manufacturer of bag-on-valve (BOV) aerosol products for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.
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Ongoing programmes

  • Development and out-licensing of OTC and non-pharmaceutical skin care (skin barrier reinforcing) and disinfection products
  • Product reformulation (enabling patent protection/life cycle management of products)
  • Psoriasis program (calcipotriol only / calcipotriol + corticosteroid)
  • Development of products with proprietary API
  • Development of products for animal health area

Can your compound benefit from AKVANO?

We offer a fast and straightforward process to confirm that your compound can be formulated in AKVANO.

Preliminary testing of the compatibility of your substance (which can be either lipophilic or hydrophilic) in AKVANO can be conducted very quickly and be followed by your own evaluation of prototypes.

The way of developing an optimal AKVANO formulation system suitable for your substance can then be investigated by a short series of simple procedures. These include an assay of the incorporation capacity of the API, as well as accelerated physical and chemical stability testing.





Contact us if you are interested in discussing commercial opportunities.