AKVANO Calcipotriol Spray in phase III clinical study

AKVANO Calcipotriol Spray

A comprehensive list of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients successfully incorporated in AKVANO

Pharma product opportunities

Permeation of ketoprofen, diclofenac diethylamine and diclofenac sodium formulated in AKVANO® vehicles, compared to commercial products using artificial membranes

Permeation study of NSAIDs

Introduction and overview of Lipid characteristics and their application in dermatology compared to Cream and Ointments

Introduction to lipids

Consumer Health Care and Animal Care

A review on the benefits of the AKVANO technology in antiseptic emollient products (with license opportunities)

AKVANO Antiseptic Emollients

Antimicrobial foot spray for prevention of fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot, and nail fungus, and also of diabetic foot

AKVANO Foot Spray

A novel skin disinfection product with a unique emollient and moisturizing effect on the skin

AKVANO Skin Disinfection