Market opportunities

Market opportunities

Topical medication represents a large portion of the healthcare market. But despite being one of the oldest areas of medicine there remains huge demand for new and improved products.

In addition to efficacy and safety improvements, therapy compliance is a growing area of concern in many areas. Ease of use and cosmetic qualities can have a major impact on patient compliance with the prescribed treatment and, as a result, the therapeutic effect. As such, there is a general trend in the topical therapy market towards improving usability.

AKVANO® technology is able to combine efficacy and usability in unique product formulations that can create or extend patent protection for active ingredients. The technology is suitable for healthy, irritated, injured, or diseased skin, as well as mucous membranes, giving it the potential to be applied across the entire topical treatment market.

A wide range of market opportunities exist for prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical products within dermatology, wound & burn care, and the wider skin care market.


There is great demand for improved topical treatments for inflammatory skin conditions, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and eczema. These types of indications are generally characterized by lengthy treatment periods using creams and ointments, which are perceived as greasy and sticky.

A number of recent studies have highlighted the importance of cosmetic acceptability and convenience when prescribing topical treatments, particularly for chronic diseases. An increasingly common opinion is that the best treatment vehicle is the one that the patient is willing to use.

AKVANO technology is perfectly suited to these types of indications. Many opportunities exist to reformulate active ingredients with expired patents, as well as to improve NCE product formulations.


market_psoriasisTopical therapy is the most common form of treatment for psoriasis.  It is estimated that about 6.9 million psoriasis patients in the US, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and UK markets receive topical drug treatment (Datamonitor 2013).

Ointments are the most commonly prescribed treatments, but they also show the lowest compliance rates. This is largely due to their greasiness and tendency to be present on the skin for a long time after application. This causes personal discomfort as well as staining of clothes.

An excellent opportunity exists for products that offer improved pharmaceutical delivery, cosmetic qualities and convenience, whilst still achieving equivalent efficacy to current topical treatments.

Such a product is likely to achieve greater compliance rates, addressing one of the key concerns of physicians while also improving patient quality of life.

Wound and burn care

burnThere are significant unmet needs within many areas of the wound and burn care market, for example, treating conditions such as chronic wounds. To date, it has proved very difficult for the topical pharmaceutical industry to develop effective products in this field. Even with a large proportion of treatment being carried out at clinics, many of the existing formulations based on creams or ointments are considered difficult to use by both patients and attending staff.

AKVANO formulations have the potential to provide improved treatment methods and opportunities for administering medicines that would otherwise be difficult to apply. For example, providing aseptically manufactured sprayable formulations that form a protective layer on the wound or burn without requiring any direct contact with the skin.