Product pipeline

Psoriasis programme

We are developing proprietary product concepts based on AKVANO® formulations of active ingredients for which patent protection has expired. The regulatory requirements for this category of products are clear and less demanding than for new chemical entities. This, in combination with the company’s working methods, results in a very cost-effective development process. After clinical proof of concept has been established an out-licensing agreement is sought with a pharmaceutical company for finalizing development and bringing the product to market.

Lead product concept


A novel topical spray formulation to improve pharmaceutical delivery, cosmetic qualities and convenience for psoriasis patients

Our lead product concept is a water-free spray formulation consisting of AKVANO and calcipotriol (a vitamin D derivative) for treating mild to moderate psoriasis vulgaris (plaque psoriasis).

The goal is to develop a product with equivalent/improved clinical efficacy compared to market leading calcipotriol-only topical treatments, and with superior cosmetic qualities and greater ease of use, thereby, improving compliance rates and patient quality of life.

Product features:

  • Easy to use spray
  • Provides lipid layer for enhancing topical efficacy
  • Dries on the skin within minutes
  • Does not require rubbing-in after spraying
  • Delivers accurate dosage

Clinical studies on AKVANO:

  • 2011: Tolerability study: Placebo tolerability study (skin irritation in 33 healthy volunteers) achieved very positive results
  • 2013: Clinical phase I/IIa study (chronic psoriasis vulgaris): Calcipotriol in AKVANO® showed a clear and significant antipsoriatic effect compared to vehicle-only formulations. Effect was comparable to marketed products, Daivonex® solution and cream
  • 2017: Clinical phase III study (chronic psoriasis vulgaris): Multicentre, randomized, observer blind, parallel group three arms, controlled clinical trial of Calcipotriol in AKVANO® with Daivonex® ointment as comparator


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