Product pipeline

Clinical benefits

AKVANO® technology delivers clear clinical benefits in many indications supporting a premium pricing strategy for new products.

  • Prevents skin dehydration
    The lipid layer provides an intrinsic moisturizing effect.
  • Less need for additional creams/emollients
    Selected lipids help to retain moisture and smoothness.
  • Reduces irritation
    AKVANO formulations do not require preservatives or additional components that may cause skin irritation. Furthermore, AKVANO formulations reinforce the skin barrier function which render the skin less susceptible for irritation. Non-touch application also minimizes irritation for sensitive skin.
  • Minimizes risk of infection
    Non-touch application reduces the risk of infection.
  • Defined dosage
    When spraying is employed, the device ensures a very accurate dosing and an evenly distributed lipid layer