AKVANO technology

AKVANO® technology


AKVANO® is a novel proprietary drug delivery technology. It represents a completely new dosage form consisting of water-free, sprayable liquid formulations in which selected lipids and the active ingredient are dissolved in a volatile solvent.

After applying to the skin, the solvent quickly evaporates leaving a thin, dry, non-occlusive lipid layer containing the active substance on the skin. Immediately the lipid structure is formed it begins to interact with the skin surface enabling the active substance to start working without delay.

Different lipids and solvents can be selected and combined from a large number of commercially available materials to achieve the desired physicochemical properties and optimize the incorporation and function of active components. AKVANO technology is extremely versatile. Around 80 substances have been successfully incorporated in AKVANO to date.

AKVANO technology offers major benefits in four areas:

1. Drug delivery benefits

  • The direct deposition of lipids and active substance (similar to deposition from gas phase) leads to fast and highly efficient physicochemical interaction with the skin barrier. (This direct deposition is unique within topical therapy, making AKVANO fundamentally different from other dosage forms.)
  • The active substance is evenly distributed in a uniform lipid layer allowing very accurate dose measurement.
  • The technology enables non-touch, antiseptic delivery.

2. Lipid-based approach benefits

  • By combining and adjusting the proportions of selected lipids it is possible to optimize topical performance for specific substances and applications.
  • Lipids can be selected to reinforce the skin barrier – an extremely beneficial property for many dermatological diseases and skin disorders, as well as other conditions where there is non-intact skin, or a risk of infection.
  • Lipids can also be selected to loosen the skin barrier – allowing deeper penetration of the active substance into the skin.
  • Both lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs can be incorporated in AKVANO (based on the selection of lipids and solvent mixture components).
  • AKVANO is suitable for all skin types – healthy, irritated, injured, or diseased, as well as mucous membranes.
  • The use of lipids similar to those in skin cells means that they adapt immediately to the skin, improve contact and ensure efficient drug delivery.
  • The use of lipids is a versatile and proven approach within topical medication. Today, there is a very wide selection of tested and qualified lipids available for use in pharmaceutical products.

3. Patient benefits

  • Excellent cosmetic qualities and greater convenience for patients mean AKVANO formulations (particularly as a spray) are likely to be preferred by patients ahead of ointments and creams.
– Quick and simple to use.
– Dries very quickly.
– Has a pleasant feeling on the skin.
– Non-greasy and non-sticky.
– Can be worn comfortably under clothes without staining them.
– Invisible once dry.
– Allows non-touch application for sensitive skin.
  • Due to low therapy compliance rates with some topical dosage forms (particularly ointments) there is increasing emphasis being placed on cosmetic acceptability and patient convenience.
  • The preferred properties of AKVANO mean it has the potential to increase compliance rates – leading to better efficacy outcomes, and increasing the willingness of physicians to prescribe the treatment to new patients.

4. Product development benefits

  • Extensive IPR position covering the underlying technology facilitates patent protection for both new and reformulated products.
  • Extremely versatile technology enabling the incorporation of structurally different APIs, including ‘difficult’ molecules. All current APIs used in topical products can be incorporated in AKVANO. Around 60 active substances have been incorporated to date, including: antibacterial agents, antimycotic agents, antiseptics, corticosteroids and other anti-inflammatory agents, antiphlogistics/analgesics, antipruritic agents, local anaesthetics, antipsoriatic agents, anti-alopecia agents, anti-acne agents, wound healing agents, steroid hormones, peptide hormones, antiperspirants, sun screens, tanning agents, insect repellants, and keratolytics.
  • There is a fast and simple process in place to establish whether NCEs can be incorporated in AKVANO, followed by accelerated physical and chemical stability testing.
  • AKVANO uses inexpensive commercially available raw materials approved for use in pharmaceuticals.
  • AKVANO is simple to formulate and inexpensive to manufacture, including sterile products.
  • It is also free from preservatives and irritants.