AKVANO technology

Principle of AKVANO® technology

As a delivery method for topical treatment, AKVANO® technology is fundamentally different from today’s traditional ointments and creams – the two most often used dosage forms containing lipids or lipid-like components.

In ointments and creams the lipid components are stabilized in a hydrophobic base (ointments) or as lipid-water aggregates or particles (creams), which in both cases complicate interaction with the skin surface. In both cases the initial thick layer needs to be rubbed into the skin before the lipids start to become released from the original ointment/cream system.

AKVANO formulations consist of lipid components which are dissolved in a volatile, water-free solvent mixture. When this formulation is applied onto the skin, the solvent evaporates and a non-occlusive lipid layer is formed in an immediate interaction with the skin surface. This direct deposition of lipids makes the AKVANO principle fundamentally different from other dosage forms.


AKVANO efficiency versus ointments and creams

Enlarge >>     AKVANO efficiency versus ointments and creams


Versatility & optimization

The molecular structures of the individual lipid components determine the properties of the layer. Due to the presence of both polar and non-polar components in the solvent mixture in combination with selected lipids, both lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs can be incorporated in AKVANO and become evenly distributed in the lipid layer after evaporation. Thus, the delivery of a specific drug substance can be optimized by selecting the best proportions of components in AKVANO.

As a liquid, AKVANO can be applied to the skin in a variety of ways, each of which can be very accurately dose-measured and applied in an antiseptic fashion. This physical property further distinguishes AKVANO from ointments and creams, which have to be applied directly and normally in a dose-inaccurate smearing by hand. AKVANO can be sprayed on without losing dose measurement.

The lipids in AKVANO are composed of two different types, structurally consisting of either single or dual acyl chains. The actual proportions of these in a specific AKVANO formulation determine its properties in relation to the skin. This means that the lipids in AKVANO can be selected to either reinforce or loosen the barrier in stratum corneum in order to optimize a specific application.