October 7, 2022

Emollivet reaches milestone of over 1,000 products sold and prepares for scaled-up production

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, 7th October 2022 – Earlier this year, Lipidor’s subsidiary Emollivet launched Emollivet COMBI – an antiseptic emollient spray for horses with pastern dermatitis. The product has generated great interest among horse owners, and recently the milestone of 1,000 products sold was reached. The company is now preparing for scaled-up production to meet the high demand.

Emollivet’s goal is to make everyday life easier for all pet owners whose animals suffer from skin problems. Equine pastern dermatitis – commonly known as scratches and mud fever – is one of the most common skin conditions that horse owners wrestle with in their everyday lives, and so this spring Emollivet launched Emollivet COMBI, a user-friendly spray that makes it easy for owners to take care of their horse's skin problems every day, giving owners more quality time with their horse.

Since the product launch on March 3rd earlier this year, sales have picked up speed, and now Emollivet can announce that the milestone of 1000 products sold has been reached. The company is now preparing for scaled-up production to be able to meet the high demand.

"We are overwhelmed by the response that COMBI has received in the market. The great interest from horse owners shows that we’re solving a real problem for them. The feedback we receive from customers plays a central role in our continued journey towards building a long-term sustainable growth company" says Stina Linge, CEO of Emollivet.

In connection with the launch of COMBI, Emollivet closed a funding round for the purposes of marketing COMBI and accelerating the development of more products for pet owners whose animals suffer from skin problems. Linge continues:

"One of the goals of the round was to sell 1,000 products and it feels great to have already achieved this. In addition to continued scaling up of COMBI, we are now working towards the launch of Emollivet's second product later this year.”