April 10, 2018

Lipidor AB strengthens its board and aims for an IPO in 2019

Lipidor AB, a pharmaceutical company developing innovative products based on its proprietary AKVANO® technology, announces today its plan to list the company during 2019. As part of the preparations Per Nilsson and Fredrik Sjövall have been elected new board members.

”Lipidor is in an exciting stage with our first candidate drug entering into a fully financed phase III study during the year. In addition, we have several other projects showing exciting results in preclinical studies and aiming for entering into clinical studies during the next few years. To strengthen the company before licensing discussions and accelerate the development we intend to further finance the company 2019 and an IPO is the main source for that”, says Ola Flink Chairman of the Board of Lipidor AB.

”Lipidor has a unique technology with a number of applications interesting for the prescription as well as the OTC market. My own experiences from a listed environment can be of benefit for the company when it prepares for an IPO”, says board member Fredrik Sjövall, CEO of Inhalation Sciences AB, listed on Aktietorget and Chairman of the board of Hemcheck AB, listed on First North.

Per Nilsson, representing Råsunda Förvaltning, comments:

”It is not often you find a company with the same potential as Lipidor. The AKVANO Technology is proven and acknowledges great interest from the market. I am happy to join the board of Lipidor and look forward to support the strategic development.”

The board consists also of Gabriel Haering, representing the Swiss CDMO company Cerbios-Pharma SA, Magnus Hedman representing the Swedish CDMO company Aurena Laboratories AB and Chairman Ola Flink.

Contact: Olle Holmertz, acting CEO, +46 0709-439672


Lipidor AB is a pharmaceutical company based in Stockholm, Sweden, developing products for topical administration. The product development is based on the company’s proprietary technology AKVANO®, which consists of sprayable, water free solutions with a lipid content and with the capacity to incorporate various active pharmaceutical ingredients. The company’s most developed project is an anti-psoriatic calcipotriol spray ready to start phase III studies during 2018. Besides drug development projects, Lipidor has started test sales of topical animal care and consumer health care products.