November 27, 2020

Lipidor presents Nomination Committee

Stockholm, 27 November 2020 – Lipidor’s Annual General Meeting on 11[th] June 2020, adopted an instruction regarding the appointment of the Nomination Committee.

Pursuant to this instruction the Nomination Committee should comprise of four members. The three principal shareholders who are registered by Euroclear Sweden AB on the last day of September prior to the Annual General Meeting should be contacted by the Company’s Chairman of the Board. The three principal shareholders have the right to appoint one member each to the Nomination Committee.

As of 30th September 2020, the three largest shareholders were Cerbios-Pharma SA, Råsunda Förvaltning AB and Aurena Laboratories AB. All have accepted the nomination.

The nomination committee comprises the following members:

Anton van Troostenburg, appointed by Cerbios-Pharma SA
Per Nilsson, appointed by Råsunda Förvaltning AB
Magnus Hedman, appointed by Aurena Laboratories AB
Fredrik Sjövall, Chairman of the Board, convener

No later than six weeks before the Annual General Meeting, the Nomination Committee shall submit proposals regarding: the Chairman of the Meeting, the Chairman of the Board and Board members and any deputy Board members, fees to be paid to the Chairman of the Board and Board members, election of auditor and remuneration to the auditor, and, if necessary, proposal for changes in the instruction to the Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee’s proposals will be presented in the Notice to the Annual General Meeting 2021, as well as on the Company’s website,

Shareholders wishing to submit a proposal to Lipidor’s Nomination Committee can do so by e-mail to: (label e-mails with ”Nomination Committee”) or by letter addressed to: Lipidor AB, Att: Nomination Committee, Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Fogdevreten 2, SE-171 65 Solna, Sweden. A request to have a matter dealt with at the Annual General Meeting must be received by 20th April 2021 to be included in the Notice.

The Annual General Meeting 2021 in Lipidor will be held on Tuesday, 8th June 2021 at 10.00am (CET) in Solna.

This information was submitted for publication at 09.00am CET on November 27, 2020.