Cerbios and Lipidor Consolidate Their Partnership on AKVANO® Topical Drug Delivery System

Cerbios is pleased to announce that it has recently increased its participation as shareholder in Lipidor AB (www.lipidor.se) (from now on LIPIDOR), a move that further strengthens the existing partnership between the two companies regarding the innovative and versatile topical drug delivery system, AKVANOÒ.

“We decided to boost  our involvement as shareholder in LIPIDOR to support the company at this important stage  as it takes on new industrial partners and Phase III clinical trials with CERBIOS’ HPAI Calcipotriol, combined with LIPIDOR’S AKVANOÒ delivery system, in the treatment of psoriasis” confirms Dr. Gabriel Haering, Cerbios CEO. “Dermatology is one of the key therapeutic areas in which CERBIOS is active in the development and manufacturing of Drug substances in Lugano. The partnership with LIPIDOR is bringing new pharma companies on board either because they are interested in the quick delivery of clinical batches (formulation and bottle filling) with their own supplied API or because they are originator companies  wanting their API (or HPAI) manufactured by CERBIOS in a fully integrated process with the formulation. This is definitely of great value to them in speeding up the process”.

“We are very happy that CERBIOS is showing confidence in LIPIDOR and our AKVANOÒ technology, by increasing their involvement as a shareholder and by participating in the upcoming Phase III clinical trial” comments Dr. Anders Carlsson, CEO of LIPIDOR. “This strengthens our possibilities for a successful completion of the Calcipotriol programme, and supports us in the commercialization of the AKVANOÒtechnology. CERBIOS’ strong industrial background and broad network means that projects with potential industrial partners interested in AKVANOÒ, whether with their own generic API’s or NCE’s, can be implemented more easily and efficiently.”

The most recent updates from LIPIDOR on AKVANO® are related to the new shareholders and moving forward to clinical or product launch:

  • Phase III Clinical Trial on the Calcipotriol formulation is  predicted to start at the beginning of 2016.
  • Feasibility study with NCE of the topical spray form as a substitute for the originally developed oral dosage forms.
  • Skin Care and Cosmetic applications will be the first products launched on the market with Bag-on -valve technology in Nordic countries at the beginning of 2016. These products are available for licensing throughout  the rest of the world.
  • Pharmaceutical applications  (cGMP) based on the Bag-on-valve technology will be available as of mid 2016


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