Foot Spray with Unique Features for Sporty Feet

The Swedish skin care company CCS Healthcare, one of the Nordic region’s largest manufacturers of skin care products and hygiene products, has increased its product line with the new CCS Swedish Formula Antimikrobiell Fotspray. The foot spray has a unique formula which is effective against bacteria and fungus Trichophyton Rubrum which often causes athlete’s foot, and is very appropriate for feet involved in sports and exposed to heat and moisture.

CCS Swedish Formula Antimikrobiell Fotspray is a simple and convenient way to keep exposed feet fresh, soft and smooth. Feet kept in warm and moist shoes run a greater risk of developing athlete’s foot. The foot spray is effective against bacteria and has a documented effect against the fungus Trichophyton Rubrum, which often causes athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is contagious and often spreads in moist environments, such as locker rooms and showers. The spray is easy to carry in a training bag and is simple to apply.

The product includes AKVANO® technology by Lipidor AB. This soften the skin by adding lipids in spray form and can be used on the entire foot. The lipids are from vegetable sources and form a lipid layer on the foot that has a moisturizing and softening effect. The foot spray is fast drying and convenient for people that want an emollient that enters the skin quickly.

CCS Swedish Formula Antimikrobiell Fotspray contains eucalyptus, giving it a fresh scent.

Available as spray bottle of 49 ml at Kronans Apotek and Apotea, recommended retail price 159 SEK.

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