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In Brief:
AKVANO® technology represents a completely new dosage form that creates a lipid layer on the skin surface for effective topical delivery* of drugs and skin care treatment. AKVANO formulations offer significant advantages over many currently available treatments, delivering benefits in four key areas:
Lipid-based approach enables skin barrier reinforcement and many other possibilities for optimizing topical performance.
Effective drug delivery achieved through highly efficient physicochemical interaction with the skin barrier.
Improved patient experience due to being non-touch, easy to use, quick drying and non-greasy, as well as having a pleasant feeling on the skin
Favorable product development conditions enabling efficient development and manufacturing of both novel and reformulated products
AKVANO is suitable for healthy, irritated, injured, or diseased skin, as well as mucous membranes. This means we are able to offer many exciting partnering and licensing opportunities across the entire topical pharmaceutical market as well as for non-pharmaceutical skin care treatment.

*AKVANO is designed for local treatment, not for transdermal (systemic) delivery.


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