AKVANO® is a novel proprietary drug delivery system. It represents an innovative dosage form consisting of water-free, sprayable liquid formulations in which selected lipids and the active ingredient are dissolved in a volatile solvent.

A revolutionary way to deliver skincare more effectively

Using the flexibility of the AKVANO® platform means generic medicine can be transformed and reformulated into new, innovative treatments. Treatments that are quick and simple to use, reduce irritation and display excellent cosmetic qualities.

How it works

The AKVANO® platform at a glance

AKVANO® is a new formulation platform for topical delivery of various active ingredient at the desired target site, while minimizing local irritation and providing a convenient mode of application.

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Next generation delivery system

The AKVANO® delivery system has several advantages and benefits when compared with classical cream and ointments. The direct deposition of lipids and active compounds leads to highly efficient interaction with the skin barrier.

Tunable release profile and defined dosage

By varying the AKVANO® composition it is possible to fine-tune the delivery speed from slow to fast. Furthermore, when spraying is employed, the device ensures a highly accurate dosing and an evenly distributed lipid layer.

Antiseptic properties and reduced risk of infection

AKVANO® incorporates inherent antiseptic characteristics, without added antimicrobial substances which will minimize the risk of bacterial resistance development. It has non-touch application on infected wounds, avoiding the risk of potential cross infections.

Improved safety and efficacy with less skin dehydration

Higher drug efficacy with AKVANO® results in a reduced dosage and/or shortened treatment period which further enhance the safety along with less side effects. Also, the Lipid bilayer provides intrinsic moisturizing, emollient and soothing effects without any need for additional skin hydrating substances.

Delivery system components

AKVANO® formulations consist of components that are well-known in dermatology applications and are also natural and free from preservatives and irritants.

  • Phospholipids are natural materials of vegetable origin; they soften the skin, strengthens the skin barrier and alleviates irritation.
  • Other lipids can be used to to control the penetration into the skin.
  • Keratolytic agents (optional), such as urea, lactic acid and others, soften the skin and have a water binding ability.
  • Alcohol solvent systems, mainly ethanol, are powerful antiseptics.
  • Other solvents or excipients such as silicone oils, denaturing agents, fragrances and thickeners can be used.

AKVANO® vs ointments and creams

AKVANO® is fundamentally different from ointments and creams. In ointments and creams, active components need to pass through one or several phase boundaries, and rubbing is needed for the formulation to interact with the skin. In contrast, AKVANO® formulations forms an even lipid layer on the skin surface after the solvent quickly evaporates and thereby facilitates an efficient interaction with the skin where no rubbing is required. 

Ointments form an occlusive layer on the skin from which the active substance slowly diffuses into the stratum corneum.

Creams consist of small droplets from which the active substance has to pass phase boundaries in order to reach the stratum corneum.

AKVANO® instantly forms a thin lipid layer in which the active substance is evenly distributed enabling quicker, direct penetration into the stratum corneum.

Intellectual property

Lipidor holds a broad IPR position relating to AKVANO® in pharma, consumer health care and animal care. Presently, our patents cover USA, Canada, Japan, Europe, China and several other territories. Additional patent applications are in process. The portfolio consists of five patent families and includes various aspects of the lipid layer forming composition, use for treatment of psoriasis and other skin conditions and a vast number of compositions with active ingredients.