Developing novel lipid based topical spray products

Lipidor’s AKVANO® lipid based technology offer unique product opportunities across dermatology, wound and skin care markets. We develop products for Pharma, Consumer Health Care and Animal Care.

Delivery System

AKVANO® is a novel proprietary drug delivery system. It represents an innovative dosage form consisting of water-free, sprayable liquid formulations in which selected lipids and the active ingredient are dissolved in a volatile solvent.

News & Press releases

Investor Relations Press release

Lipidor presenterar på Erik Penser Banks Bolagsdag den 11 mars

STOCKHOLM den 4 mars 2021 – Lipidor AB (Nasdaq First North: LIPI) meddelar idag att bolagets vd Ola Holmlund tillsammans med Stina Linge, vd för dotterbolaget Emollivet AB, kommer att… Read more


Biotech Show Case Conference. San Francisco, USA

We will be present during the BIOTECH SHOWCASE conference in San Francisco, 13-15 January 2020. Please contact us in order to arrange a meeting. Read more