The future of skin science. Fits in a lipid.

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We create new opportunities in skin science

Lipidor develops pharmaceuticals for skin with unique lipid based formulation opportunities for global pharma companies. Our proprietary delivery platform and expertise help pharma companies launch innovative, patient-friendly skin treatments, in record time.

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What makes Lipidor unique?

Our innovative and flexible delivery system AKVANO® brings a number of tangible benefits for pharmaceutical companies and patients alike.


This is Lipidor

Lipidor is a Swedish, Stockholm-based research and development company with a pipeline of pharmaceutical development projects in pre-clinical and clinical phases.

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Lipidor update

Letter from our CEO

During the fourth quarter, the focus has been on preparations for the planned clinical Phase III study with the combination drug AKP02G2 for the treatment of psoriasis. On 20th December, an application for study approval was submitted to the Indian Medical Products Agency, which is an important step in the project plan.

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Business scope

Targeting the future of pharmaceuticals for skin

The global demand for pharmaceuticals for skin is a large and growing market. With the revolutionary AKVANO® delivery platform, Lipidor is at the cutting-edge of innovation. Want to know more?

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