January 2, 2020

Lipidor AB (publ): The Knowledge Foundation funds collaborative project to study the effects of drug formulations on the skin barrier

Lipidor AB (Nasdaq First North: LIPI), in collaboration with Malmö University, MediGelium AB, Larodan AB and ERCO Pharma AB, has been awarded a research grant from the Knowledge Foundation for a joint project. The project aims to develop models and investigate how endogenous ceramides and other lipids can be used to develop more effective skin drug formulations and facilitate repair of damaged skin. The project, which will last two years, comprises a total budget of SEK 4.6 million, of which SEK 0.7 million is co-financed by Lipidor through research activities.

Ceramides are lipids that are important building blocks of the outer skin layer, and several common skin diseases are associated with a deficiency of ceramides. The aim of the project is increased knowledge of how dermatological drugs and therapies can be made more effective through improved utilization of ceramides and other lipids. Lipidor's patented AKVANO technology has a central role in the project and will be used for administration of both ceramides and active drug substances. The project will employ advanced techniques such as X-ray and neutron scattering to study the lipid structures.

“By taking an interdisciplinary approach for this important project, we hope to find new areas of application to further develop AKVANO. The four parts of the project will each provide important information for our continued development of formulation systems,” says Jan Holmbäck, CSO Lipidor.